New Year’s Resolutions & January Goals Part 1

Happy New Year, everybody!

It may be obvious from my last post, where I summarised the major events in my life that occurred during my hiatus from posting on this blog, that 2018 wasn’t exactly the best year for me. I’m not letting that keep me from being optimistic about the New Year ahead, and as such I have some resolutions I’m setting for 2019 that I hope I’ll be able to complete. Also, I decided to include some goals I have specifically for the coming month as well, and I’m sharing them here instead of on my main blog because these goals are a lot more personal and they have more to do with my mental health and other topics that I tend to focus my discussions here on Lost Inside Space.

Let’s start with some goals I’ve set for myself for January 2019.


#1: Apply for Trillium & Disability

I am entirely convinced that I may not be cut out for traditional means of employment; the circumstances surrounding how I quit my last job over a year ago made that perfectly clear to me. The most that I ever aspire towards is some sort of remote freelance writing gig, but so far I haven’t been able to secure any type of writing job that pays. And even if I was more successful in getting freelance gigs, I doubt I would ever be able to complete enough of those to support myself financially.

Therefore, I’ve decided that I am once again going to apply for Disability Support. I attempted to apply once in 2015, but I didn’t end up completing the final written application. This time around I am a lot more serious about acquiring this financial support, although the last couple of times I have attempted to apply online, the website has given me some trouble before I could properly complete my initial application. I’ll either need to book an appointment to complete that first application with a government employee in their offices in St. Catharines, or hope to get luckier with the online application sometime soon.

As for Trillium, I don’t currently have any support of coverage for my prescription meds, so being able to get at least partial coverage with Trillium will be a big help for my financial future.


#2: Book a Doctor’s Appointment & Book First Appointment w/ Social Worker

I mentioned in my last post that the ADHD specialist that I go and see a couple times a month, the one who prescribes me Vyvanse which has improved my productivity and motivation levels greatly, wrote me a referral during our last appointment to speak to the social worker that works in the same office as him for some much-needed talk therapy. I’m thinking that the best way to kick off the new year right with regards to my mental health is to make sure that I am able to get in for my first appointment with the social worker sooner rather than later.

As for the regular doctor’s appointment, I’ve been having some weird symptoms lately, and I’m not entirely sure why. I don’t believe that I’m experiencing heightened side-effects from any of my medications, and so I’ll be trying to get in with my regular doctor as soon as humanly possible. My doctor is very high in demand, so it might be a minimum of 3 weeks until I’ll be able to see her, as opposed to one of the other two doctors in the same office that I’m not as comfortable with [because a) they’re male, and b) a few of these symptoms I wish to discuss are related to feminine problems]. Plus it’s been a while since I saw my doctor solely for the purposes of managing my medications and making sure that I don’t need to change any of my current doses or even change any of the medications I’m taking.

(FYI, I’m being purposefully vague with all this discussion about symptoms and my medications for the purposes of not sharing anything that’s TMI. That doesn’t mean I’m not comfortable talking about these kinds of things, and if you would like to see me write about anything regarding the medications I take for my various mental health diagnoses, let me know in the comments below and I’d be happy to oblige).

Pfft, I wish my mess at home looked this nice XD

#3: Get into the Regular Habit of Organising & Purging My Belongings.

As a quick update regarding the apartment I mentioned in my last post, we didn’t get it. However, the apartment manager called my Mom back earlier this week to say that her boss actually really liked our application and wanted to see us get the apartment, so they sent out our application again with a note for it to be hand-checked by a different person (these are the people who work for the overall board/company that owns the building and who are the ones that ultimately make the call on rent applications, usually decided by a credit score without looking at other details in the applicant’s credit report or the application itself that they filled out).

My mother and I hope to hear about the apartment (and we’re hoping that it will be good news) sometime in the New Year, hopefully by the end of this week. In the meantime, we are nowhere near ready to move as of yet, and the majority of the reason why is because I have been dragging my feet with going through all of my belongings, sorting the things I want to keep into categorised boxes and purging everything that’s left over. It isn’t the purging that’s holding me back, I’ve gotten a lot better at getting rid of things over the past couple of years (ex. I went through 5 boxes of books that I’d been keeping in my bedroom, and in the end I decided that I would be donating 4 of those boxes to Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Niagara).

I just hate cleaning and organising and everything that goes along with it. As a kid I pretty much had to be forced to clean my room each and every time it needed to be done, and even as I grew older I couldn’t do that good of a job in my room without my Mom lending me a second pair of hands and her organising expertise.


#4: Finish Writing, Editing, & Scheduling My Sims 4 Secret Santa Short Story.

Here’s the story with this goal: You guys may not know much about this, but I have my own Tumblr – or a Simblr, to be more specific – where I post photos and write stories to go along with 2 legacy challenges that I’m currently playing through in The Sims 4. Recently I joined a Discord server populated with other Simmers who have their own Simblrs, and this year the admins of this server decided to host a Secret Santa gift exchange of sorts. People were able to gift anything they could make using TS4 – custom content, room & house builds, specific sims or full households, etc. I’m not the best builder, and I really suck at making decent-looking Sims, so I put down in my Secret Santa app that I could write something as my gift. I also mentioned that I thought it would be cool to receive a piece of writing as a gift too.

I was paired with another Simmer that included ‘writing’ as a part of their wish list, and so I decided pretty quickly that I would create a short story that I would post as a short series on my Tumblr. I’ve already created the necessary Sims to tell the story in-game, and I’ve started taking some of the pictures, but the story isn’t actually finished yet, even though the deadline for these Secret Santa gifts was December 30th. So I decided I would edit an image that would act sort of like a title page for the story, and explained in the Secret Santa discord channel that the story wasn’t done yet but would hopefully be online within 2 weeks or so. The recipient responded saying that she was excited to get a chance to read it, and she seemed to be okay with her gift not being 100% ready yet. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get the entire thing written, edited and scheduled on Tumblr in about 2 weeks – fingers crossed!

This post ended up being a lot longer than I originally intended, so I’m going to be splitting it into two parts. My next post will get into my actual resolutions for the entire year and not just the things I’m hoping to accomplish in the next month.

See you all next time, & have a Happy New Year!


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