Song of the Moment: Can’t Handle This (Kanye Rant) by Bo Burnham

My boyfriend has recently come down with what is either a really bad cold, or potentially mono, so he’s been exhausted with a steady fever and headache 😦 I went over when he was first feeling crappy to bring him over some soup and a smoothie from Tim Horton’s, and he laid down on the couch with me and told me to put something on TV.

Picking something for us to watch puts a lot of pressure on me XD It sounds silly but I worry about putting on something that I knowΒ I’ll like for fear that it’s something he won’t enjoy – even when he’s too out of it to enjoy much of what’s happening on the screen. I figured a comedy special was a safe bet, but there are SO MANY on Netflix right now. I’ve seen all of John Mulaney’s special and the one done by Ali Wong and Anthony Jesselnik hundreds of times, and he’s not a fan of re-watching things multiple times, so I knew something new was in order. That’s when I remembered seeing a trailer for a comedy special where some guy had auto-tuned his voice, and it had always stuck in the back of my mind.

After a veeeery long amount of indecision, I finally said “Fuck it” and put this on. Turns out that was a great decision on my part, because this special is AMAZING! Even with my numerous mental health issues, nothing in this special offended me (not even the song titled “Kill Yourself”) because I don’t really get offended by stuff like this, I was able to laugh along like all of the audience members on the screen. In fact, when that song came on I probably laughed even harder than I had been a moment before πŸ˜›

My absolutely favourite part of the special is the final bit/song, and I have been watching it on repeat ever since that night watching this with Kurt. Not only is it hilarious, and extremely catchy, but I like how he’s able to mix realism with his introspective sense of humour, and they both balance each other really well. Unfortunately none of the songs from this special are on Spotify at the moment, so here is a YouTube link to that exact song, “Can’t Handle This (Kanye Rant).”


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