Habitica – Hard Work for Healthy Habits!

I recently became reunited with this website/app that I felt the need to write a small overview about here, because it is a potential great tool for those who deal with anxiety and depression and, as a side effect, have trouble getting a lot of things done, making an effort to take care of themselves, or simply have a hard time staying productive.

Anyone who grew up playing video games, like me, will see the appeal of Habitica’s main concept – By completing regular tasks, checking things off your to-do list, and keeping up with daily habits, you earn XP and gold which you can use to purchase gear, pets, mounts, and other rewards.

This isn’t a picture of my personal Habitica profile, but is a real-life example of the general layout and the new aesthetic. Keep reading to learn my screen name if you’d like to PM me on Habitica.

Not only is this app/website a great way to keep yourself motivated, but it is also a gateway to other great resources and support. You can join one of hundreds of guilds, based on your interests or the things you hope to accomplish, you can join or create a party to complete quests with in order to gain more XP and rewards, and you can even try something new or push yourself a little by signing up for one of the many challenges created by other Habitica users.

There was a recent update to both the website and the app, which greatly improved the overall look as well as added some more filtering options when searching for a guild or challenge. At first I felt a little frustrated with using only the app, since it is limited in a number of ways, but by using both the mobile app and checking out http://www.habitica.com on a regular basis, I’m able to fully immerse myself in all of the goal-crushing splendor available from this great program. And in case you were wondering, the whole thing is 100% free. There are options to purchase gems or to become a subscriber that receives regular bonuses and benefits, but that is completely optional.

I’ve been using Habitica to remember to take my pills every single day (I often get lazy with my medication, even though it’s so easy to take a minute to swallow a couple of pills and it is so bad when I have been off my meds for more than two days) and to motivate myself to get more writing done, both on this blog and through other online forums, and even to motivate myself to get some basic chores done. I even gain XP by doing simple things like doing laundry, having a shower, or brushing my teeth, because many people who have dealt with depression will know that even those everyday tasks can be a huge struggle.

A view of the new website format, and also a look at my Level 11 Mage, with my Spooky Wolf Mount and my Shade Lion Cub Pet ❀

I hope that anyone who is even vaguely intrigued by this website/app will go and see what it’s all about, because so far it has really been helping me to get things done. It’s weird how earning XP and gold in a video game-like setting is able to motivate me in the real world, but it really works, and it’s also been a lot of fun πŸ™‚


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