Songs Of The Moment – Heathens by Twenty One Pilots (w/ Cover by Halestorm)

I’ll admit that I may be a liiiiitle obsessed with the film Suicide Squad – mainly because of Harley Quinn, who is totally badass. I sort of wish she was my spirit animal XD I’ve always wanted to cosplay as her, and I hope I’ll be able to someday.

Anyway, so many of the songs from the movie’s soundtrack are freakin’ awesome, and I have most of them saved to my Spotify account. This song in particular by Twenty One Pilots is a favourite of mine. Every single time I hear it on the radio I have to sing along, it’s like a compulsion – sort of like every time I hear Closer by The Chainsmokers on the radio, I immediately start singing along.

This song is about outcasts, people who are different, and how they cope in a world that doesn’t understand them. That is just one of the many reasons I love this song. It’s also catchy as hell, and it’s perfectly placed in the film at the very beginning of the credits.

The second song I’ll be sharing with you is a cover of Heathens, done by the band Halestorm. This band is one of my favourites – they often provide a lot of inspitation when I’m writing – and when I saw that in their latest cover compilation that Heathens was one of the songs, I internally started squealing and immediately pressed play. You’re probably going to see me sharing a lot of songs from Halestorm in the future 😛

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