Daily Log – Yay Productivity!


I’ve actually been making progress on things today – and I started feeling productive before I’d had any caffeine, which is something of a miracle!


Well, I suppose my productivity streak began yesterday, where I finally managed to whip up a batch of bath bombs. I used a Jack-O-Lantern mold and used a Halloween-themed scent called “Witch’s Brew.” And I was successful in blending the food colouring dyes to get the perfect shade of autumn orange 🙂 I’m quite proud of them. I’m hoping to make another batch of bath bombs today, and I’m thinking I’ll make them look like pieces of candy corn 🙂 Will definitely be attaching pictures once that batch is done!

On top of that, I’ve been working on some laundry, and I plan on doing a little tidying in my room (tomorrow probably), specifically to improve my sleep space. My bed is an awful mess, you have no idea… And I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, and it’s about time I do something to try and fix that. Plus, my awesome mother told me that if I managed to clean up my bed that I could have one of her two sets of mink sheets, which are super soft and incredibly comfortable ❤

I’ve been trying to make more to-do lists, and to complete small tasks in groups of 3 – it has to do with some research I’ve been doing lately on productivity. It helps that I’ve been using this really great app to keep me motivated as well as to keep me organised, and you can look forward to seeing a write-up about said app very soon 🙂


I got to spend last night with the amazing boyfriend at his place, which is always a pleasant evening ❤ The both of us are big gamers, so after we got to Kurt’s house after he picked me up, he settled in with Divinity: Original Sin 2 and I played around on my laptop. I did a bit of writing on my computer, but mostly I was online playing Saints Row The Third with a friend of mine. We managed to finish the main story line and we’ll hopefully get to start on the 4th game soon. I adore the Saints Row series! Click here if you wanna see what my Saints Row Boss looks like 🙂


Even though I really didn’t have the energy, I made myself run to the drug store to pick up a few necessities – and by that I mean my mom made me XD Grabbed some things for my mom and grandma, as well as a few things for myself – including the totally essential copper micro lights and this adorable little mini unicorn! His name is fluffy, and he’s always sticking out his tongue. One look at this little guy and I actually said out loud, “Oh wow, I need you in my life.” 😛

I didn’t get around to doing everything on my to-do list – I was supposed to tidy up the mess on my bed today and not tomorrow – but I still got things done, so I will consider that a win 🙂


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