What I’m All About

Greetings fellow weirdos!

Okay, maybe you’re not a weirdo. For all I know, you could be a member of that elusive species known as “normal people.” If you are, I’m not 100% sure how you stumbled across my blog. But that’s okay, keep on readin’ if that’s what your heart desires!

Even though I’m not plastering a picture of my face into my first post, that doesn’t mean I plan to be anonymous, so here’s a few things about me: My name is Kacie, I live in southern Ontario, Canada, and last month I turned 25 years old. I have a BA in English: Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Studies, and I have also completed a 4 month post-grad program in Creative Book Publishing.

… That last part probably makes me sound fancier than I really am, so here are some more important facts about my life that you should know:

I work at a liquor store, but I recently took a medical leave of absence because I’ve been having trouble managing my mental health. Every day I struggle with anxiety, depression, ADD, suicidal thoughts, and possibly some other illnesses that haven’t been fully diagnosed yet.

Let me be clear here: I amΒ not, in any way, insinuating that anyone that suffers from a mental illness is a weirdo. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I simply classify myself as a weirdo because, well, that just seems to fit. And I don’t mean it in a self-deprecating way either, I wear my weirdo badge proudly πŸ™‚ I will sometimes make self-deprecating jokes about how my brain is messed up or that I might actually be an alien disguised as a human, but I don’t think that way about anyone else that has gone through the same struggles that I have.

I plan on taking this time off from my job to improve some things in my life, including my daily routine, my sometimes-negative perception of the world around me, and especially my self-care habits. Also, I thought it might be a good idea to document this transition that I’m currently going through, for better or for worse. Maybe it will help keep me motivated to reach my goals? Maybe the things I write about in here will resonate or even help inspire some people? I honestly don’t know if any of those things will happen, but I need to keep pushing forward, for myself and for those who are caught under the stigma of mental health issues.

For this blog, I plan on writing a near-daily account of how I have struggled and/or coped with what life (and my brain) have decided to throw at me, and I may also include some fun things like DIY tutorials, since I’m a crafty person and I’m hoping to channel more of my energy into creating things, since it makes me feel productive.

Suppose we’ll all have to wait and see what becomes of this little corner of the internet. For now, I’m optimistic, and I’ll try to keep it that way πŸ™‚


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